FBS affiliate programme: a business for everybody

Becoming a partner of a successful international financial company is easier than you think – check out the affiliate programme from forex broker FBS

Long gone are the days when you needed a hefty investment to start your own successful business. Anyone can build their own financial empire nowadays – all that is needed are minimal internet skills and the will to succeed. Presenting to you the most modern earning tool – the affiliate programme from forex broker FBS.

How does the affiliate programme work?
Simple: you register as a company affiliate, invite clients and receive commission for their trading on forex. The partner does not have to make any financial investments and the affiliate chooses their own personalised way of attracting and inviting clients. They can use personal interaction, web portals, online and offline marketing, social media and many other channels. FBS provides partners with a large variety of promotional materials and a special referral link.

It doesn’t matter how the client learns about FBS – if they come by a partner’s recommendation, then a certain share of their deals is given to the affiliate.

What are the advantages of the FBS affiliate programme?
Affiliate programmes are becoming more and more popular in very different areas of business. So, what advantages does FBS offer?

Perfect reputation and comfortable trading terms
FBS started functioning as a forex broker in 2009. The company is represented in more than 120 countries. The high quality of the services it provides is evident from more than 35 international awards.

The number of traders working with FBS has recently crossed the two million mark. Such success could only be reached by having very profitable trading terms. Deposits and withdrawals with no fees, many promotions and bonuses, free funds insurance, client support in 12 languages – this is what allows one to invite clients to trade with FBS so easily.

By being a partner of FBS you can be sure that you are recommending people services that are of truly good quality, and clients will repay you for the strong recommendation. It’s important to note that more than 80% of FBS traders stay with the company forever and trade regularly, which means that an affiliate will receive a share of the client’s trades not once, but regularly.

Profitable partnership commission
Partners receive commission for every lot traded by their referrals. For FBS this fee can be up to $80. The amount of the commission depends on the currency pair and account type.

There are three levels of commission payout in FBS. First level – the partner invited a trader into the company and receives 100% of the commission for every traded lot. Second level: the affiliate’s client invites more traders – the affiliate also gets a fee, 15%. And the third level: second level clients invite new traders and the affiliate receives 5% of the fee from these third level traders. This is how your profit constantly grows.

Contest and promotions for our partners
By taking part in the ‘Bounty Hunting’ promotion partners may receive a reward of $500 every month – to attain this you simply need to reach the necessary monthly target. There is a special affiliate competition called ‘iPartner’, where affiliates compete for awesome prizes in the form of Apple gadgets. Patiphan Longsuanjik was the ultimate winner of a recent round of competitions and won a VIP trip to Saint Petersburg to the company’s headquarters.

Mr Longsuanjik became the company’s guest and FBS not only paid for his business class ticket and a room in a five-star hotel, but also ensured a rich programme of culture and entertainment.

But this not all FBS has to offer by way of promotions and incentives. It is currently preparing a loyalty programme for affiliates with even more spectacular prizes, a sneak preview reveals: a Rolex watch and a Mercedes E-class.

How much do partners make?
The affiliate programme is a business where the amount you earn depends entirely on how much time and effort you are willing to dedicate to the work. It’s up to you if you want to open your own office and host seminars for traders or just want to get a stable income by dedicating a little of your time to work on the internet.

In any case, the way the partnership fees are credited to an affiliate are very transparent – you can calculate your earnings in advance on the FBS website.

Due to its unique advantages the FBS affiliate programme is very respected across the financial world. It has received numerous international awards such as the Top IB Program 2016 award by the Saudi Money Expo, World Best Partnership Program on Forex 2014 by the MasterForex-V Exp, Best Partnership Program on Forex 2013 award and many more.

Today there are more than 130,000 FBS partners across the world and there are many new additions every day. Many have started and developed a successful business in their own countries.

But the best reason to join the programme comes in the form of client feedback. FBS partner Edi Marsel of Majalengka, Indonesia had this to say:
“My life has really changed for the better because of FBS: I receive such a profit from the affiliate program that I couldn’t even dream about before! I have earned more than $10,000 in the past eight months and made many of my dreams come true.

“FBS is the best broker and inviting clients is much easier when they know that you are inviting them to the best company. My advice for new traders: tell people who you wish to invite that FBS is the best broker in Asia, that they offer a wide range of services, for example, many convenient methods of depositing and withdrawing money.”

FBS would like to note that the amount you can earn is unlimited. Successful affiliates earn thousands of dollars every month.
FBS affiliate programme is your chance to build your own financial empire within an established, reputable company.

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