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blt received four nadcap’s certifications

recently, blt has obtained four nadcap’s certifications for heat treating,…


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blt listed on the star market

on july 22th, 2019, xi’an bright laser technologies co., ltd. officially l…


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nobel prize in chemistry winner danielle shechtman visited blt

on march 23rd, 2019, professor danielle shechtman, winner of the 2011 nobel priz…


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industrial metal additive manufacturing equipment
providing integrated metal am solutions for clients

3d printing service

blt mainly uses three types of metal 3d printing technologies; slm, lsf and waam

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innovative design

additive manufacturing (3d printing) pioneers new directions for complex structure manufacturing and give design  more freedom.

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more possibilities

pioneering new directions for complex structure, internal high-quality and new materials manufacturing


since blt built up the independent metal powder r&d and production line, several titanium alloy powders such as grade1, grade5, grade23 have been successfully developed and launched to market. at 2019, blt collaborated with praxair surface technologies for promoting its truform metal powder in chinese mainland, hongkong and macao,china.

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