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blt metal 3d printing supporting fsec2016


the 2016 nio cup fsec was held at the shanghai audi international circuit. the team eracing of southeast university, sponsored by bright laser technologies (blt), competed fiercely with other 32 elite university teams across the country.

university students showing their fast & fury

fsec is sponsored by society of automotive engineers of china. it is a platform tailored to chinese college students for automotive design, manufacturing and competition. fsec has been successfully held for 6 sessions with over 100 teams participating in the competition and has exerted great influence in universities across china.

the team eracing from southeast university was established in november 2014 and it is the second year to take part in the competition. this is a new team with passion, vigor and tenacity, members from which are engaged in the exploration of electric formula racing with relentless pursuit of speed and passion, as well as concern for environment and future.

blt metal 3d printing of parts for racing cars

as a premium sponsor, blt has combined topology optimization with metal 3d printing technology to help eracing print the suspension vertical column of formula cars.

the design idea of the standing column is usually limited by its traditional typical structure. but applying the metal 3d printing technology can not only break through the restraints of traditional processing idea to achieve structural integration for simplifying assembly, but also finally obtain the ideal effect of lightweight without taking the structural restriction of casting and machining into consideration.

the aluminum alloy column is up by 28% in strength and down by 28 in mass compared with the original prefabrication, which not only improves the strength of steering knuckle but also reduces the unsprung mass and the quality of the car and speed up the response of suspension unsprung mass.

redefinition of automobile manufacturing by metal 3d printing

the vertical column of racing cars printed by blt metal 3d printing is an application case in the area of automobiles. it is not new for automakers to make prototype development and design verification by metal 3d printing in the stage of automotive r&d. some automakers have cooperated with blt in making molds and clamps by metal 3d printing for assembly and manufacturing.

it can be said that metal 3d printing has been increasingly and widely used by automakers in modeling review, design verification, complex structural parts, multi-material composite parts, lightweight structural parts, customized special tooling and after-sales individual replacement parts and others.

in the future, the automotive industry will embrace the outbreak period of metal 3d printing technology.

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