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technical service


optimal design customized development service of process parameters software customized service

summary of creative design

based on the theory of “discrete-collecting”, metal additive manufacturing (metal 3d printing) is able to realize “dimension-reduction” manufacturing of complex 3d geometry structure. it opens up a new direction for the realization of complex structure and makes design much easier and freer. metal am is continuously empowered by product structure optimization design to help product designers and industry users explore more extreme possibilities and make manufacturing easier.

blt collaborative innovation research institute

blt collaborative innovation research institute has established by the union of blt and northwestern polytechnical university, aiming at further deepening the combined application of optimized design and 3d printing; focusing on the frontier of engineering and complex problems of disciplines and providing a deeper level of design optimization integrated solution services.

blt collaborative innovation research institute is oriented to the needs of key projects, the items

to be developed are as follows:
researching on structure optimization
exploration of complex engineering problems
application of metal 3d printing technologies in engineering
development and verification of a new structure based on metal 3d printing

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