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blt one-stop solution unveiled at tct asia2019


from february 21st to 23rd, bright laser technologies unveiled the tct asia2019 with six type metal 3d printers, self-developed new materials and several engineering applications.


six devices appeared on the same stage, contributing to the “most stable” operation of the whole exhibition

at the tct asia2019 site, here are six kinds of metal 3d printers  exhibited on the blt booth, including blt-s400, a dual-laser device that makes mass-customized production possible, blt-s320, which combines stability and efficiency,  blt-s310 which has been tested for high-quality applications such as aerospace over 5years, blt-s210 with upgraded appearance and suitable ability for laboratory r&d and testing needs, as well as blt-a300  with unique parameters for  mold-specific needs and blt-a100 with efficient and stable parameters for  dental industry, which two have been tested for one year in the market.on-site printing of six types of equipment enables multi-platform intelligent interaction, and restores the grand conditions of intelligent manufacturing under different application scenarios in 3d printing. blt-s320 completes trading orders on the spot.


blt released self-developed new titanium materials

blt released self-developed new materials ta15, ta1 and tc4. the new materials have good sphericity and smooth surface appearance. blt self-developed titanium material has several characteristics, such as almost no hollow powder (the hollow powder rate is below one thousandth), uniform composition, less impurity elements (c, n, h, fe, and so on); controllable oxygen content , reasonable particle size distribution, strong process adaptability, excellent forming propertyas well as reasonable price in large quantity.


arc additive process and multi-application exhibits unveiled

blt demonstrated the application of aircraft arc inlets, blades, stencil brackets and optimized design wheels for the arc additive manufacturing in the air show china 2018 and form next2018, attracting users from civil aviation and automobile industries.


fuel nozzle concept model printed by blt-s400

blt-s320 printed double-light splicing profiled structure


blt-s310 printed car radiator


the blt-s210 printed bronze model hezun, the surface finish of the exhibit is good.

more understand users, better understand the application

multiple quality reports released

during the exhibition, blt equipment r&d engineers, technical engineers, and typical customers in the dental industry and mold industry brought on-site reports and industry application cases of equipment, innovative design, new materials, and industrial application solutions. the audience listened carefully and asked again and again.




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