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blt received four nadcap’s certifications


recently, blt has obtained four nadcap’s certifications for heat treating, measurement and inspection, materials testing laboratories and nondestructive testing.

nadcap is the abbreviation of “national aerospace and defense contractors accreditation program”. it is a certification project for special products and processes for aerospace and defense industry jointly organized by industry giants such as boeing, ge and sae.

the nadcap certification can help blt improve special processing and inspection technology, as well as regulate the management process. meanwhile, the nadcap certification is also an internationalised and professional testing of blt’s products and services.

four nadcap certifications were obtained in a short time, indicating that blt is not only internationally leading in metal 3d printing, but also reaches international advanced level in post-processing, inspection and testing capabilities. during the certification process, blt`s testing center’s metal material chemical composition analysis, material mechanical property testing, microstructure inspection, geometric quantity testing, x-ray testing, fluorescence penetration testing and other testing projects, as well as vacuum heat treatment and hot isostatic pressing processes are fully certified by nadcap.

blt has passed iso9001:2015, as9100d/en9100:2018, gjb9001c-2017 and other quality management system certification. the acquisition of nadcap certification is not only an international aerospace certificate recognition of the company’s  special processing capability, inspection ability and quality management, but also indicates that blt’s comprehensive ability is continuing to accelerate toward the international level.

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