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go! | might in heart, 2018 will witness greater blt results. go! go! go!


we sow in spring, develop in summer, harvest in autumn, and store in winter.

time moves forward fast.

on february 2nd, xi’an bright laser technologies co., ltd. (blt) held the year-end meeting in tang dynasty west market hotel. presents include president huang weidong, vice-president she shengyang and representative shareholders like gong puling, huang yingjun, jiang yangyang, qiao kun and zhao kai.


blt vice gm and sales director jia xin presided over the meeting. he raised to take customer focus” as the value slogan. in blt, customer focus mirrors the rapid flow of parts, the rigorous quality control, the detailed technical plans, the strict equipment operations, the infallible quote contracts, the meticulous, flexible and convenient product packaging, the timely feedback, the efficient follow-up, and the perfect results. jia xin called on all blters to become ambitious, down-to-earth, and philanthropic.


blt vice-president she shengyang addressed at the meeting. he first expressed gratitude for the painstaking and sweat of all blters in the past year and then raised high work expectations in 2018. he also painted a more ambitious blueprint for all blters and encouraged them to struggle indomitably.


blt gm xue lei recalled blt from scratch to a team of less than ten people and to a big family of over 300 members after six years of development. blt is a story related to about dream and goals. with struggles and persistence, dream may turn into goals and goals may come true. xue lei hoped that all blt workers work hard in “five major battles” in 2018 courageously. go! go! go!


to the end of this meeting, preeminent teams and individuals in 2017 were praised and awarded, including the unite prize, the best newcomer prize, the most improved prize, the annual excellent staff, the annual excellent department and the outstanding contribution team.


unite prize

working to a shared goal gathers power, but to different goals undercuts. you have been working hard regardless of innumerable hardships since joining blt.

best newcomer prize

each era yields a few far better than their peers to take the lead for long. you have brought new power to and written a new chapter for blt.

most improved prize

nothing is impossible to a willing heart. you have worked hard days and nights and finally gotten paid.


annual excellent staff

we will not give up till we beat the foe although with a mass of bruises. you are like a running horse needing no spur.



annual excellent department

to dust is gone the fame achieved in thirty years, like cloud-veiled moon the thousand-mile plain disappears. in 2017, technical department, equipment department, production department, supply management department and administration department achieved marvelous results.


outstanding contribution team

awesome people always bury the glory and name deeply. you are the toughest team to stand out when needed and retrieve when all tasks are completed. you are always pursuing perfection in each task, whether ordinary or special.

after the summary, the 2018 blt annual meeting themed mighty in heart kicked off. blt versatile workers directed and performed a party comparable to the spring festival gala. overwhelmed exciting programs, diversified games and competitive grade raffles brought the party to a climax.



after making a good start, we should ensure that the cause achieves fruition. 2018 is the second year of blts second five-year plan. a five-year plan indicates transformation and leap. the second year of a five-year plan is critical and challenging. each blt worker must be ready, vigilant, brave, and struggling at all times; in 2018, we will continue the road to science and technology amid triumphant efforts. go! go! go!

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