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nobel prize in chemistry winner danielle shechtman visited blt


on march 23rd, 2019, professor danielle shechtman, winner of the 2011 nobel prize in chemistry, visited blt. deputy general manager of blt yang donghui, accompanied the reception.

danielle shechtman came to the blt corporate showroom to learn about the company’s development history, technological advantages, scientific research results, market applications and comprehensive strength, then visited the workshop to learn about the metal 3d printing technology and production process. he affirmed blt’s strength and experience in metal 3d printing.

at the symposium,blt deputy general manager yang donghui briefed the blt metal 3d printing part production and equipment manufacturing in recent years. danielle shechtman said that he was very happy to visit blt. blt’s technical and market advantages are very obvious. meanwhile, he also hoped that the two parties could make concerted efforts to reach consensus and realize cooperation in relevant projects since there was great potential for mutual cooperation.

danielle shechtman, born in tel aviv , israel in 1941, 2011 nobel prize winner in chemistry,theoretical physicist , professor of engineering materials at the israel institute of technology. he discovered alloys with quasi-crystal structures in the early 1980s, has been causing great shocks in the field of crystallography research and related academic circles. the relevant research results of quasicrystals have been applied to various fields such as materials science and biology.

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