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products and service


titanium and titanium alloy powder

the titanium and titanium alloy produced by blt has the characteristics of excellent fluidity, high apparent density, low hollow powder ratio and controllable oxygen / nitrogen /hydrogen content. it is a fine choice for aviation, aerospace, medical, chemical and other fields.




powder development

the quality of additive manufacturing parts is closely related to the characteristics of raw powder. it is the key link of powder research and development to fully study the composition, morphology and physical properties of the powder, and to verify the forming process.

powder production

blt produces aerosol titanium and titanium alloy powder for additive manufacturing

blt also provides customized powder products, including the whole process services of powder trial production, small batch preparation, printing application verification and mass production.

  • electrode induction melting gas atomization technology(eiga)

    used to prepare active metal and refractory metal powder

    non-crucible electromagnetic induction melting, high purity powder

    inert gas atomization, low content of oxygen, nitrogen in the powder

    specially used for sieving, batching and packaging of titanium powder

  • produces high-standard titanium and titanium alloy powder for additive manufacturing




powder distribution

in the year of 2019, in cooperation with praxair s. t., blt promots its truform metal powder in mainland china, hongkong, macaw

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