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products and service

printing service

blt currently mainly uses three metal 3d printing technologies: selective laser melting technology(slm); laser solid forming (lsf); wire arc additive manufacturing(waam)

blt insists on taking the users as the center and taking the market as the focus,helping users to achieve optimal design, reducing production costs, improving production efficiency, improving product quality and creating value. at present, more than 50000 parts can be delivered annually.
blt has been deeply engaged in the field of aerospace for many years. cooperation with airbus a330neo am serial produced fai part valied by airbus, will start ramp and delviery monthly in 2021.other new part number projects work in progress, palnned in feb of 2021 passed verificaiton by airbus.all these on going flyable parts printed by blt self-produce printer.

industry solutions


aviation manufacturing industry is generally regarded as a model of modern industry,it reflects the industrial development level of a country,which has a great driving effect on the development of the national economy

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the strength of aerospace industry is a yardstick to measure a country's scientific and technological strength, and a necessary means to exploit space resources. aerospace industry is a systematic and precise engineering, which represents the most rigorous system design, the most stringent quality and safety assurance.

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aircraft is known as the "crown" of modern industry, aeroengines and ground gas turbines are the "jewels of the crown", it is one of the important symbols of the country's comprehensive strength.aeroengine has always been regarded as the symbol of national industrial level

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scientific research in colleges and universities

with the advent of "industry 4.0" era, the demand for r & d of popular majors such as intelligent manufacturing and industrial intelligence is increasing, metal 3d printing technology can provide technical support for related research of scientific research team.

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new medical service technologies have maintained a high growth trend in recent years, and new medical technologies such as early screening test, ai, 3d printing, and medical robotics have brought a disruptive revolution in diagnosis and treatment. in recent years, the successful applications of 3d printed prosthetic implants have increased.

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the level of tooling manufacturing is not only an important indicator to measure the level of manufacturing in a country, but to a large extent determines the quality, efficiency and new product development capabilities of the country's products. the tooling production process integrates precision manufacturing, computer technology, intelligent control, and eco manufacturing.

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structural optimization, r&d trial production, small batch production, customized products and spare parts are several important applications of metal am in the automotive field.

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different from the traditional concept of "toothache is not a disease", the rate of dental visits has been increasing in recent years. however, the medical resources and existing technologies in the traditional dental industry cannot match people's needs. in order to solve this problem, digital dental came into being. digital dental technology relies on am to empower the traditional dental industry. according to the market forecast report from smartech, the market size of 3d printing in the dental will exceed us$2.3 billion by 2020.

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occupation educates

high-skilled talents are the crucial foundation for the development and transformation of manufacturing industry, as well as play a key role in boosting economy. the construction of a high-quality and skilled talent team is inseparable from professional vocational skills training and competitions. since july 6, the ministry of human resources and social security, the state administration of market supervision and the national bureau of statistics released the new occupation of "additive manufacturing equipment operator", the first national vocational skills competition also included additive manufacturing in the competition of the vocational skills competition.

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cultural and creative

as an emerging manufacturing technology, metal am has been widely used and has received more and more attention. with the continuous breakthrough of the technology, metal am has gradually been applied in art and fashion design, which breaks the traditional design and production, and providing unlimited possibilities for cultural creativity. many of cultural and creative products are manufactured by metal am have came into being.

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customized products

one-stop metal 3d printing service

forming materials

titanium and titanium alloy powder produced by blt

blt produces aerosol titanium and titanium alloy powder for additive manufacturing

blt can provide customized powder products, including the whole process services of powder trial production, small batch preproduction, printing application verification and mass production.

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