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precision, intelligence, boost customized medical development

new medical service technologies have maintained a high growth trend in recent years, and new medical technologies such as early screening test, ai, 3d printing, and medical robotics have brought a disruptive revolution in diagnosis and treatment. in recent years, the successful applications of 3d printed prosthetic implants have increased. 3d printing technology has advantages of high flexibility, unlimited quantity, and cost saving, which meet the needs of customized and precise medical treatment.
the application of additive manufacturing in the medical field mainly includes customization and standardization. the patient’s ct scan data is directly modeled, and the prosthesis is 100% matched with the lesion, which solves the problem of positioning of traditional medical product, improves surgery efficiency, and shorten the recovery time. according to the material characteristics and clinical application requirements , the prosthesis can be redesigned to introduce porous, topological and other structures to improve the biological and mechanical adaptability of medical products. metal additive manufacturing can realize the mass production of such medical products, which is a problem cannot be solved by traditional manufacturing.

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