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high efficiency, cost reduction, intelligent manufacturing boosts industrial transformation and upgrade

the level of tooling manufacturing is not only an important indicator to measure the level of manufacturing in a country, but to a large extent determines the quality, efficiency and new product development capabilities of the country's products. the tooling production process integrates precision manufacturing, computer technology, intelligent control, and eco manufacturing. intelligence, integration, and precision are the future trends in the tooling industry.
am technology gets rid of the traditional manufacturing limits, and brings new technologies and processes to tooling production, which can reduce costs and improve efficiency. its main application are: conformal cooling runners, ventilation, light-weight, multi-material composite manufacturing, etc.
the conformal cooling channel improves the cooling efficiency and uniformity, reduces the production cost and the production cycle, and improves the quality; the ventilation process solves the air trapping problem of the plastic mold and improves the product yield; the light-weight design reduces the weight and energy consumption significantly; the multi-material composite process brings more design space for the mold, which is beneficial to enrich the functions of the mold and solve more problems during the production process.

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