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fit and considerate, delicate to modern and intelligent dental solutions

different from the traditional concept of "toothache is not a disease", the rate of dental visits has been increasing in recent years. however, the medical resources and existing technologies in the traditional dental industry cannot match people's needs. in order to solve this problem, digital dental came into being. digital dental technology relies on am to empower the traditional dental industry. according to the market forecast report from smartech, the market size of 3d printing in the dental will exceed us$2.3 billion by 2020.
the application of am in the dental field mainly includes customization and standardization. am can realize the personalized customization and high-precision forming of the product. the denture and the stent are 100% matched with the oral structure, and fit the patient's mouth, which solves the positioning problems of traditional dental products. meanwhile, am makes the mass production of dental products come true, which solves the efficiency dilemma that traditional manufacturing cannot overcome.

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