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simple, safe, professional, try the best to promote the construction of high-quality vocational talents for our country

high-skilled talents are the crucial foundation for the development and transformation of manufacturing industry, as well as play a key role in boosting economy. the construction of a high-quality and skilled talent team is inseparable from professional vocational skills training and competitions. since july 6, the ministry of human resources and social security, the state administration of market supervision and the national bureau of statistics released the new occupation of "additive manufacturing equipment operator", the first national vocational skills competition also included additive manufacturing in the competition of the vocational skills competition.

industrial insight

blt-a300 is an upgraded model launched by blt for occupational training. the equipment has passed fda laser products safety regulations, atex certificate of compliance, and ce mark certification which ensure the safety and operation convenience. the human–computer interaction has been fully considered in the design process. the flexibility of the rotate touch screen equipped on blt-a300 makes sure the convenience and comfort for the operators with different heights.




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