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technical service


optimal design customized development service of process parameters software customized service

customized development service of process parameters

blt provides users with metal 3d printing basic process development, new materials development, metal 3d printing mechanical property database, first product support design, batch product management and other services.

there are 294 process parameters of blt technology development software, it is all opened and editable. the equipment set up with bp software, different process parameters can be adjusted to different sections and layers of the model, different process parameters can also be applied in the same section.

high efficiency---bp software, all parameters are open

  • 294 items

    all parameters are open

    printing strategy

    machine parameter settings

    slice settings

  • contour selection

    secondary contour selection

    contour lapping

    chessboard-styled fitting

    band-styled fitting

    unordered fitting

    single direction scannin

    reciprocating scanning

    shortest path optimization

    strip width

    strip rotation increment

    starting point distribution

    airflow angle

    prohibit range of airflow angle


    thickness of slices

    gap filling

    triangles optimizatio

    contour filtration

    scanning order

    radius compensation

    contour offset

    contour data

    contour shearing

    blocking path

    scanning speed

    lapping sizes

    upwind scanning

    short vector combination

    remelting selection

    energy uniformity

    limit corner angle

    remelting times

    upper surface

    lower surface

    thickness of lower surface

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