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Forex trade free money


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Have you ever thought of making money from no money at all? Well, it’s not that you start with 0 dollars and end up with a thousand in your pocket, but the following concept is somewhat similar. In the forex market, certain brokers give you free money for forex trading. All you have to do is open a forex account with that specific broker, and they transfer an initial amount from their side to show their goodwill.

Again, with an offer such good as this, there comes certain terms and conditions. The amount is generally in the range of $5 to $50; however few brokers may transfer up to $100 into your account. Plus, this amount may stay in your account for a fortnight or a month and then automatically be transferred back to the broker. Some do allow it to remain for an infinite time.

No matter how many terms you have to follow, the concept of ‘forex trading free money’ is no doubt lucrative. This is the forex market, and a lot can be done with $100.

Why do brokers give out free money?

Consider it as a market policy to attract more investors to open a forex account with them. Similar to a banking concept, brokers make income with forex accounts and trading. If you open an account, you put in some money and circulate the same. That money stays with the broker until you file for withdrawal. Not everybody withdraws their money at the same time; hence the vault of the broker never stays empty.

Similarly, with every profit you make, you owe your broker some percentage of commission to the broker for their service. If there are 100 investors and 50 of them, make a profit, that percentage of money comes to the broker as commission. So brokers go with the concept of ‘forex trading free money’ to attract new investors.

How do you profit from it?

With your free money for forex trading, you can start trading immediately. Since the amount is small, you can opt for the leverage concept. With this, you can generate a high percentage of profit.

Say you go for 10:1 leverage. Then, you can trade for $1,000 with your $100 available. Say you decide to buy Euros currently standing at 1.36. Therefore, 735.29 Euros van be bought with $1,000 and can be sold when the market quote rises to 1.38. This will fetch you $1014.70, and a profit of $1.47 is made against your $100.

Had you opted for 100: 1 leverage, and invested in a riskier currency, profits can be as high as 40% as well. If you keep making $40 every alternate day, that amounts to $600 after a month.

Thus, with brokers providing ‘forex trade free money’ accounts, you can actually reap great profits from proper investments. It is risk-free as well. You are not investing any of your money into it and going for trade with the broker’s money. So, even if you make a loss, it won’t be from your pocket. Go for these accounts now and make money without investing any of yours.

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