on november 19th-22nd, 2019, the world’s leading additive manufacturing exhibition formnext2019 will be held in frankfurt,germany. blt will bring the new upgrade solutions of metal additive manufacturing equipment to the 11.0-d29 booth of frankfurt international exhibition center,to provide more machine function options for users worldwide.
blt-s400 with dual-laser and bi-directional coating blade configuration will debut overseas, and an advanced powder-coating detection function will also be unveiled. blt-s400 is an slm machine develop-ed for batch production with the support of blt-mes system. the machine conforms with ce standard, atex explosion-proof assessment and fda laser safety regula-tions, which mainly serves aviation and aerospace industries. to ensure the forming quality, blt-s400 has been up-graded to achieve powder bed auto-detection through the whole printing cycle, which is able to self-adjust the powder paving process according to the uneven powder bed sensing in real time.

during the formnext2019, the permanent filtration system and backflush filter system will be released for blt-s310, blt-s320, blt-s400 and blt-a300, an innovative automatic mold grafting function will be released particularly for blt-a300 to provide more safety, efficiency and intelligence to the digitalize production solutions to our customers.

permanent filtration system

the permanent filtration system is applied with special filter equal to hepa h13, which can effectively avoid the interruption during the forming proce-ss and keep the stability of the machine to achieve “long-life filter, forever benefit”. besides, the system is capable to retard the flammable metal powder residues to eliminate the explosion risk and greatly enhance the equipment safety.

backflush filtration system

backflush filtration system with three-stage filtration and automatic cleaning metal powder residue makes the machine safe, efficient, stable and reliable. with over 1,500 hours service life and the capability of filtering multiple powder materials, no more risky challenges come from the filter replacement. besides, the long term and stable operation of equipment is guaranteed by compact modular design and comprehensive safety measures.


automatic mold grafting

for the mold industry, the automatic mold grafting function gives blt-a300 a new intelligent solution to make the mold grafting process automatic. installed with hd industrial camera and blt developed software and algorithm, the machine accurately obtains the base contour as well as the internal geometry, efficiently calculates the deviation between the complex model and grafting base, automatically finishes the position calibration and perfectly accomplish the printing.

in addition, blt will also bring exhibit samples within the fields of aerospace, electronics, medical, mold, automotive, creative products, to demonstrate the printing capabilities and applications of blt in large size, high precision, batch production, new materials and innovative optimization designs.
november 19th-22nd, 2019, booth 11.0-d29, frankfurt international exhibition center, germany, blt is waiting for you!

骏马出征展雄姿 blt-s400将首次亮相form next2019

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